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Putnam Veterinary Clinic Canine Education Group Classes

Our classes are led by a professional dog trainer and Certified Veterinary Technician, Tracy Ingoldsby

Tracy is a Certified Veterinary Technician with over 20 years of experience in the veterinary field. She has worked in both large and small animal practices and has worked with Dr. Emerson since 2003. Tracy specializes in positive obedience training and has an extensive background in horse training and eventing, as well as canine obedience training. Most recently, she is teaching group training classes here at the clinic, along with in-home private lessons. Tracy is the proud parent of Khan (German shepherd), Devin (cat), and Monty (her horse).

Having worked with thousands of dogs over the years in the veterinary field, Tracy developed a deeper understanding of animal behavior and the challenges owners face in handling their pets' behavior issues. Many of Tracy's philosophies stem from her background in horse training, which requires a firm but fair demeanor, a gentle hand, and patience. Tracy found inspiration in helping her clients find the right training technique for their dog to drive results, and she thrives on the unique challenges each dog presents.


Through simple changes and positive reinforcement, dogs exceed their owner's expectations

Our Classes

Putnam Veterinary Clinic offers both group and 1-on-1 dog training classes to develop and strengthen the relationship with your canine companions!

One of the benefits of our group classes is their small size (from 2-6 dogs) and for even more individualized training you can schedule a 1-on-1 session in your home, in the clinic, or another dog friendly location.

First Puppy Classes - For the new member of your family!

This class will be extremely helpful and rewarding for first time dog owners and for the owners who could use a refresher on having a young dog in the home. It will teach you to understand puppy behavior; the good, the misunderstood, and the messy! We will focus on creating a strong, respectful connection between you and your new dog as well as socialization, basic commands, and most importantly FUN! This class is for puppies ages 2-5 months. This class runs one hour a week for 5 weeks and costs $175.

Adult Dog Basic Manners - Yes! You can teach an old dog new tricks!

We believe in the value and benefits of educating your dog throughout your lives together. It is important that your dog obeys your command-it could be a lifesaver! Most dogs love working and pleasing their owners. When they’re bored, they can be destructive. The Adult Basic Manners course can be a refresher for any dog and owner who have not practiced together in a while and is also great for owners that have recently added an adult dog to their family. Even if you just want to share the bonding experience of learning together with your best friend this class is a great option! This class is for dogs over 6 months of age who have completed one of our classes or passed evaluation with our trainer. The class runs one hour a week for 5 weeks and costs $175.

If you would like to know more or sign up for an upcoming class please call our office at (978)-887-3836

You can check us out online also!