Putnam Veterinary Clinic

374 Boston St
Topsfield, MA 01983




Scheduled surgeries are performed Tuesday-Thursday by one of our veterinarians and assisted by at least one veterinary technician, which means your pet is being monitored by no fewer than two sets of well-trained eyes throughout the procedure.  More than just spays and neuters, a technician uses blood pressure dopplers, pulse oximeters, respiratory monitors, isoflurane gas inhaled anesthetic, and warming Baer Hugger blankets to ensure the well-being of your pet while under anesthesia.  The technician regularly monitors and records your pet’s vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate, always on the look out for any abnormalities or differences.

The safety and comfort of your pet are our primary concerns, which is why all veterinarians and technicians are specially trained to identify any signs of complication or pain.  Once your animal has recovered from anesthesia, our patient monitoring continues with regular evaluations of vital signs, behavior, appetite and careful monitoring of the incision site.  Post-operative care also includes microwaved heating pads, fresh blankets and towels, and pain medication.

We follow all aseptic protocol and when necessary use perioperative antibiotics to even further decrease the risk of infection.